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"Pittsburgh Estate Sale Companies belonging to the area's largest network of liquidators"

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These Pittsburgh Estate Sale Companies are recommended.

   My Liquidators   Phone Number Website My Notes  
  Sydney B. Moore* Follow sydneybmoore on Twitter



Contact Fawn  
  B4youmove 412-759-3965 b4youmove Brochure  
  Solo Estate Sales 724-328-4418 Scott Solo Estate Sales Brochure  
  Jaye Wilkinson*   724-728-9988


  Remembrance Estate Sales         724-681-1205      
Estate Liquidation Services 412-200-0655 ELSPittsburgh
  Golden Treasures Liquidation 412-537-3788 goldentreasuresservices    
  Law Estate Sales 412-298-2381 Law Estate Sales    
  Aardvark Estate Liquidations 412-664-0210 AardvarkEstate    
  Golden Estate Sales 724-941-8373 Golden Estate Sales Brochure  
  Western PA Estate Liquidators 724-816-9342 Western PA Estate Liquidators Brochure  
  J.D. Llama Follow pghestatesales on Twitter 412-260-1592 J.D. Llama Estate Sale Service    
  Murdoch Estate Liquidations        724-825-0882 Murdoch Estate Sales    
  Antique Resource  
Antique Resource    
  Turn Key Estate Sales Follow pghestatesales on Twitter 412-576-6220 Turnkey Estate Sales & Cleanouts Brochure  
  Ba Be Joey Follow pghestatesales on Twitter 412-916-0158 Ba-Be Joey    
Morning Star Estate Sales Follow pghestatesales on Twitter 412-260-5344 Morning Star Estate Sales
  Preferred Estate Sales 412-275-0050 Preferred Estate Sales Brochure  
Bid On Estates 724-704-0448 Bid on Estates  
Allegheny South*   412-833-1244


Caring Transitions of Westermoreland 724-970-6347 Caring Transitions  
Joan F. Keane* 412-922-3536
Allay Estate Sales             724-561-2064  Allay Estate Sales   
Blue Moon Estate Sales 724-571-5151 Blue Moon Estate Sales  
Estate transition 412-401-7249  
Tommi Calabria   728-825-7818 Calabria & Co.  

* Denotes 20 Years Experience


Number of Estate sales conducted  by Pittsburgh Estate Sale Companies current to *  
Liquidator Estate Sales Conducted
Sydney B. Moore    866 
Golden Estate Sales   573
Western PA Estate Liq.   524
Jaye Wilkinson   438
B4youmove   423
J.D. Llama   223
Solo Estate Sales   197
Murdoch Estate Liq,   191
Turnkey Estate Sales   188
LAW Estate Sales   187
Golden Treasures   142
ELS   139
Remembrance Estate    84
Ba-Be Joey     72 
Calabria & Company    68
Aardvark    48
Allegheny South    35
Morning Star    33
Sydney's Estate sales       33   
Bid on Estates    24
Blue Moon     24
Joan F Keane    23
Preferred Estate Sales    21
Estate Transition    20
Allay Estate Sales     18 
Antique Resource      14 
MTS Ant & Liquidations     13 
Iron City Online       11  
M&M       9 
Steel City Estate Sales       8 
M A T Sales      7
D & E Estate Sales      7
Caring Transitions (sw)        7  
Samantha Parish       5 
Feel Better Already       5 
Bradley Liquidation      4
HD Liquidations       4 
BSC Treasures       3 
Caring Transitions (wm)       2 
Marketplace on Main       2 
Antique Pick and Sell       2
Caring Transitions (nor)       2 
Johnson Auction Serv.       1
Anubis & Athena       1 
EBTH       1 
Number of Storage sales conducted  by Pittsburgh Estate Sale Companies current to *  
Liquidator Storage Sales Conducted
Western PA Estate Liq. 7
Murdoch Estate Liq 3
Sydney B Moore 1
Law Estate sales 1
Anubis & Athena 1

* Above count began on April 1st, 2011 and is current to date. Counts are for individual "on site" tag sales and do not include private showings or repeat sales at the same residence. Sales information is extracted from various publications and ads placed on Pittsburgh Estate Sales.com and is reasonabley accurate however liquidators conducting sales not advertised or missed will not reflect in the totals. The above information should therefore be considred for general informational purposes. Companies in red do not appear to be active.



LOOKING to obtain the services of an Estate Liquidator?

The businesses listed in the above directory are members of the largest area network of liquidators. All are established, reputable and have references upon request.  You can contact them directly to request a consultation and discuss terms. Please be considerate of their time when scheduling onsite interviews by avoiding overlapping appointments with multiple liquidators. When making  your decision to choose a liquidator, consider all the circumstances and services that may fit your particular need, not just the cost.  Although most liquidators will provide a free consultation please note that there may be a nominal fee in some cases where the sale location is a great distance from Pittsburgh. Many times this fee will be refundable if the interviewed liquidator is chosen to conduct the sale.

Ask questions that are important to you. Everyone will not have the same feelings or attachment to items and/or privacy matters. Rule number one , NEVER SELL OUT THE ENTIRE CONTENTS TO A SINGLE BUYER, as you will rarely if ever yeild the same amount in which a sale is conducted where each individual item should bring the highest possible liquidation price given the current market conditions at that time.  Also, remember a liquidation is NOT a retail venue and you should probably expect to yeild about 60% of actual value before the liquidators fees. Be skeptical of liquidators who promsise to fetch more than 70% of values.

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